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Eat And....

Gag It Out

Gag It Out
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.::.This is this community is about girls that have some kind of eating disorder, we're here for support, not too judge people on what you do, i want this community to be a place where you can talk about your eating disorder or your friend's eating disorder freely and openly.::.


.You have to be going through a ED right now.
.When you decide to join please fill out this form and email it too me:

height and current wieght:
desired weight:
eating disorder:
have you gone through treatment:
how long have you had a eating disorder:

.do not offend anyone in any way or you will be deleted right away no exceptions.
.Try to keep your posts relevent to Eating Disorders.
.No community advertisements (unless i approve them).
.do not piss any of the mods off or you will be deleted immediatly!!.

..::Our Biographies::..

Karen (chocolatcherii)
well too start things off i'm a teenager and i love mi friends and im really fun and random, but mi life has had some dips and cuts... i'm currently on a eating disorder (anorexia)i have som time now and im going to start puking it out too i was sexually abused at the age of 8 by my babysitter. mi parents fight all the time becuase mi dad is an achoholic and they're on the edge of separating, basically i have cut my wrists, i have tooken way too many pills, and many other things.

..::if you want to contact me::..

if you would like to talk to me about anything contact me at:
aol: esshorti
yahoo: karen11232
msn: supermuffiin@hotmail.com


poke poke!!