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some tips

i got these tips from lean_and_lovely so mad props too them they're very helpful:

1)Drink lots of water and green tea

2)If you feel a binge coming on, look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself to stay stong, because you are better than food.

3)Think of yourself in a high regard. Tell yourself that only weak people and people of low class would feel the need to stuff themselves.

4) For the fasters, if you feel the need to eat, just count to 100. After that, you should be thinking a bit more rationally. You will also feel stronger.

5)Some people just like the taste of food. Chew/spit. Even better, spit into a cup, and then look at it. Ask yourself if you really want that crap in your body.

6)Most eating comes from boredom. Find something to do that requires a lot of your time. Excercise, or do something that you love to do. (BESIDES EATING!)

7)Try to get a fasting buddy. It is a lot easier when there is someone to fast/diet with. Atleast you wouldn't have to be alone.

8)If your parents are trying to "force" you to eat, feign sickness. Tell them that your stomach hurts. If they insist you eat something, ask them if you can eat some broth like chicken/beef/ and vegetable.

9) If people are starting to notice your significant weight loss, wear baggy clothes. You know that you are losing weight, but they don't have to. I am mainly speaking of your parents.

10)Have a thinspiration box. If you feel the sudden urge to eat, look at some of your body role models. Ask yourself, "would they eat this crap?"
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